About Andan

In the wild, Andan is tallish, darkish, and probably smells of elderberry.

The “wild” in this case, is the very pleasant climate and truly horrific traffic of the San Francisco Bay Area - where he lives with some family and some pets - though he arrived there at the end of the 1990’s after doing a stint of college in Albuqueurque, NM, as an adventure away from Wyoming, where he’s from.

A poor talent he possesses is to be “instantly mediocre” at a lot of things, most of which he won’t go to the effort to master. These have included skiing, blacksmithing, martial arts, archery, systems administration, gaming, a smattering of programming languages starting with Logo, art, and the one he just can’t quit, writing.

He’s spent a career in IT as part of a lifetime of tinkering with things and managing to make something of it. Usually.

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