Fenvi FV-AXE3000Pro Wifi problems (solved)

ad photo of a wifi PCIe card Once upon a time - according to Order History it was April of 2023 - I needed to install a WiFi 6E + BT card in a Windows 11 PC. It happens to be the PC that is my one-back gaming rig that I am passing on to my daughter in the wake of my NZXT purchase (not an affiliate, me). I’m happy with the NZXT (ask me about my Elden Ring game).

But I was, for a time, very unhappy with the Fenvi FV-AXE3000Pro card install. And I was not alone .

First time I booted with the card in the Gigabyte GA-AX370-Gaming 5 , I logged in as an administrator, briefly saw the card available for config, started to do so… and it vanished. Subsequent reboots, installing of drivers, offering sacrifices to dark deities who reward pain with success, availed no joy but did stain the carpet some.

Long story short, eventually I started thinking back to my introduction to PC hardware in the early 1990’s and I thought to myself, “Hey, what if this is some PCIe IRQ priority bullshit or something like that.”

And lo, I moved the thing up above the GPU and Everything Was Fine.

From the fine manual :

Diagram of motherboard with “yes” and “no” marked on PCIe slots

So, if you are having trouble with this card, or any PCIe x1 card like this, try moving it up the PCIe bus for great joy.

May the grease of FSM be with you. Ramen.

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