Hip Replacement 03

As I’m writing this, it’s two months to the day from my total hip replacement surgery. There is no cake.

The hip works great. Stuff I’ve done since the last update:

  • Gone on a hike!
  • Walked multiple km a day, for several days!
  • Kicked my heavy bag!

The body’s feedback on these activities indicates some consistent themes.

  • The hip is liquid smooth. So good.
  • Executing proper range of movement takes concentration; the limp/hitch is subconscious after years of avoiding pain
  • Thigh muscles are weaker on the left

All of this is soft tissue stuff that can be worked out. Doing my designated PT exercises has been generating steady improvement in strength and range of motion. That’ll continue, I’m sure, and I’m ready to start adding in some resistance training.

That is, if I can find a leg extension attachment for my Marcy weight bench. There doesn’t seem to be one for sale on the whole planet. So if you know of a source for a universal 2" square with hole leg extension bit, hmu.

The Last of the “Terrible” Photos, follow:

Mid-surgery Hip
Here's an X-ray from during my surgery. You can see some tools being used to place the titanium socket and plastic liner in the socket of my pelvis. Note: That is not a loose screw (middle, left), it's in the handle of tool, much of which is invisible to X-ray, apparently.
X-ray of medical implant procedure total hip replacement

Two month-old scar
Clean, dry and pink. Pretty much exactly what you want.
photo of a healed DAA hip replacement scar

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