No Empathy for the Wicked

I do not empathize with the Trump voters. You can not, can not look at four years of monstrous behavior as POTUS, nor the years of his clear personal, ethical, moral and legal failings preceding 2016, think “this is the guy I want to stick it to the Man” and have my respect or empathy.

These past two Presidential elections have taught us a lot about the ills of our nation. I’m not sure we can call America great. Richest country ever was? Sure. Most powerful military? Probably.

Wealth and the power to wield unstoppable force are not greatness. We all learned that - or should have - as children, among our earliest lessons as tiny humans who were being introduced to being part of humanity and to humanity and being humane.

As Americans it is among our first duties to help our fellow Americans be good Americans. There’s a real “1984” interpretation of that but I don’t mean loyalty tests and spying. You can tell, because Trump’s all for that and I voted against that motherfucker with pleasure.

Trump voters are sad - sad - that the monster they elected to eat their own faces, savings, business prospects, freedoms and on and on, lost.

Forgiveness requires contrition. They aren’t sad about the right things.

So I’ll work on making sure their political movement has no teeth by making sure the one I’m in is armored and armed and by donating and calling and writing and hopefully, helping some Trump voters find contrition and help them on their way to redemption.

And Joe wasn’t the candidate I was rooting for. I was at Harris’s campaign launch rally. I picked Warren’s camp near the end. When it was clear it was going to be Joe, well, there was no other choice than the guy who wasn’t progressive enough for my tastes but who sat down with the progressives, listened, compromised, and adapted the platform. It’s a good platform. He chose a VP I am proud of. I’ll work to hold them both accountable to that platform because the stakes could clearly not be higher for the country and for the planet.

But right now, I’m going to watch our new President-Elect and Vice-President-Elect celebrate their victory and commit to the work.

It feels very good to have hope again.

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